Saturday, October 31, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Mom has been busy! She has been hard at work preparing for our show in November. Check out some of her newest creations with minkee and flannel...
Some minkee squeakers
Some sweet minkee bears, my girls love these!
Love these two sided flannel blankets (we call the ke-kes, that's what my kids have always called blankets) with rick-rack! These are awesome and super soft!
Hats, lots of crocheted hats. All of my girls have several of these and wear them all the time. So cute and perfect for fall. My mom can never sit still, even when she is watching TV she is knitting and/or crocheting.
So here comes November, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight, maybe I should stay up and sew and try to help my mom out with some sewing. With lots of travel lately and keeping up with four kids I haven't gotten much done. Good thing half of Lizzy's Biz is in extra high gear. Will be posting new pics of lots of aprons and pillowcases soon.
Happy Halloween, try not to eat too much candy!

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Doris said...

Missy, you posted a comment on my blog about being interested in a Modern Quilt Guild in Iowa. I don't have your email address, can you send it to me?