Friday, September 26, 2008

We love Pink Fig Patterns!

The Nie Nie benefit sale has been a great success. The last sale is Monday, the 29th at 7PM, PST. To read about this family is amazing their faith, strength and courage is remarkable and I think of them often. It has made me think of many things in a new light and they are teachers to us all. Continue to read Stephanie's sisters blog; She is an amazing writer and wonderful sister and continues to share the progress of the family during these times of both joy and sorrow. We continue to say prayers for them all.

My mom just made the most amazing set for Gracie. We got all of the Pink Fig Patterns ( and they are amazing. My mom just finished The Lily Top, The Bella Pants and The Girly Stripwork Skirt. Her patterns are very easy to follow and are so cute. Gracie loves the skirt and had to wear it to a birthday party tonight (three 4 yr olds getting their hair and nails done, followed by pizza, cake and ice cream). She used Heather Bailey's new line of fabric again, Pop Garden and Bijoux. I am working on the Lily Top and Bella pants and can't wait to finish. We will be listing these on Etsy so keep an eye out for them soon. Chelsea at Pink fig Patterns plans on releasing some new patterns soon including a cute jacket and vest which I can't wait to get my hands on. Here are a few photos...

"One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself." ~ Lucille Ball

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nie Nie Benefit Sale on Etsy

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If you haven't heard already there is a benefit sale going on to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson. They were involved in a terrible plane crash that left them both severely burned. I have never met the Nielsons however had been reading the Nie Nie Dialogues which was not only profound but truly inspiring as a mom, wife, friend, woman, sister in general as a person. This sale among many others benefit the recovery of the Nielsons. This sale has been going on for two days and will continue 9/25 and 9/26/2008 at 1o am PST on Etsy. Type fast as this mornings sales all went in about 9 minutes. My mom and I donated a beautiful child's apron that should be listed either tomorrow or Friday. I also have a donation button to donate to this very worthy cause. God Bless.
Oh, almost forgot to post about that apron. Here is the apron that we donated to the Nie Nie Benefit which should go on sale tomorrow or Friday. Like I said Heather Bailey's new fabric line and child's apron = cute.
"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~Mother Teresa

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updates from the Biz!

My mom has been sewing like crazy and we will be listing several new aprons in the next few days. I thought I would show a preview of the one just listed today. This one turned out so cute and this chef's hat is so much fun. We are working at making some baking accessories such as pot holders and hot pads. All in tune with the kitchen theme for now. We have lots more plans in the near future.
Heather Bailey's Pop Garden + apron = adorable!!!

We will also be listing some adult aprons too. Best of all we made our first sale. Lesley from purchased the pink and brown retro apron. We are including a matching doll apron as a thank you for being the first to purchase an apron on Etsy. Check out her great patterns for crocheted items. My mom purchased the to make for the twins. No more bare feet, it's getting pretty chilly around here. Thanks so much to Lesley for her purchase and we hope her daughter enjoys her apron and matching doll apron as a Christmas gift.
Natalie and Hailey, "the twins", (is that bad that they are called that by everyone?) celebrated their 1st birthday on 8/29. We had so much fun and I will put a few pictures here soon. We made sure and sang Happy Birthday to each of them and man did they get so much stuff. My mom made these books...

and she made these bibs...

and we had so much fun watching the girls devour their individual cakes!

Don't forget to check out our Etsy listings;

I want to finish with a quote after each blog. Some sweet, some funny, some even a little sad but always true. I thought I'd start with one about family, which is what means the most to me.

"Family means putting your arms around each other and being there." ~Barbara Bush

(Regardless of what political affiliation we may have, I believe this says it all!)