Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Day I'll get a quilt...

So it has been forever... well not forever only since last December that I posted. A new day and a new commitment to posting. We have so much to tell you about, so much we are working on and so much we want to share.

So share I will. What have I done all summer? Well, between ball games, gardening, taking care of horses and dogs, chasing after two "2" year olds not much. I mean not much sewing. Now my mom, Oma the more ambitious sewer of Lizzy's Biz has been busy. Man I wish I could keep up. To my defense she is now retired and can sew all day or until her little heart desires. So I am going to brag about her for a bit.

My mom and I are best friends however we are not exactly alike. That is probably why we get along so well. We might fight too much if we were exact and we seem to balance each other out quite well. I sew, and I sew ok. Mom sews and she sews great! She is such a perfectionist! Everything is about as perfect as can be and her work is amazing. So a little time for show and tell...
She would not brag but I will. Here are a few of her most recent creations. The pictures really don't do them justice. She entered them into a quilt show and did very well. The one on the left has a gazillion yards of piping, which is hard to see. She has a Disney room, which my kids love to spend time in where this quilt rests. It was machine quilted with Mickey Mouse ears, bows, hands and is simply adorable. The one on the right was a batik quilt which she gathered fabric from a bus trip she took. 47 ladies, 10 different quilt shops, 4 states, in 3 days, now that's crazy!

So Mom has lots of quilts, when I say lots I mean lots. She hoards them, doesn't give a one to me. I would love them, cuddle with them, appreciate them but I have still yet to get a quilt my mom has made. Now don't get me wrong she shares her quilts. She makes them all the time for my her grandkids and others just not me... yet. Do you think she will read this and feel guilty? I know one day I will get a special quilt just for me which I will cherish. I shouldn't be too hard on her. One day I will spend a day taking pictures to showcase her quilts. I may steal a few while I am at it, I have my favs!
Here is another one she has been working on;
Mom made this one for her sister in North Dakota. It really turned out awesome and the detail is amazing.
We are working on many new things which I will try to showcase at least one a day as we prepare for a show we are doing in Iowa City, IA in November. This will be our first and we are super excited! We plan to do a giveaway next week so stay tuned!

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