Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally something for the ladies!

We have been talking about it for awhile to get some women's aprons listed... Finally we got some! Mom has been hard at work and has put together three new ones. Both of the following aprons were also made for little girls and would be a super cute mother and daughter set.

Thanks to my friend Melissa for being my model. Doesn't she look super cute! She just started student teaching this week and will graduate next spring with a degree in elementary education. Lots of love to all those who educate our children! She is so good with my kids, I'd love to have her as my kids teacher!

So, I fell in love with an apron that I told mom she just had to make. This is it...

However... I found out in order to sell this wonderful apron by Sew Liberated we must first be approved than purchase a license. So for now, I think I must just keep this one for myself. (Thanks Mom!)

We also plan on doing our first giveaway. Planning on a child's apron maybe even a matching doll apron??? Suggestions?

Until then check these new ones out on our Etsy site! Happy weekend to you all, I think the babies are waking up from their morning naps. Love it when they wake up!

"There aren't enough days in the weekend." ~Rod Schmidt

Monday, October 20, 2008

Girl's sewing day!

Every year my mother-n-law (whom I love dearly), takes her son and her three oldest grandson's (9 yrs) on a boy's trip. This year they headed to Oklahoma City, my husband and son the cowboys loved every minute. They didn't get back till last night so the twins Natalie and Hailey, Gracie and myself decided to head to Oma and Papa's house for a sewing day.

I had an idea for a holiday "List Taker" and I needed to task my mom with some new aprons. If you haven't tried these or these you must either try them or head over to our Etsy store where we just listed some ready made ones. JCasa aka Jennifer has created these super fun projects and Jennifer has allowed those who purchase the pattern to sell the items. Super sweet! I don't know about you but the Holiday's get crazy and I have a million lists so we decided to make a holiday version.....

Then we decided to try JCasa's newest pattern the Child's coloring wallet. So much fun to take in the car, take to Church or to give as gifts. Gracie has a birthday party coming up to go to and i thought this would be such a fun gift!

The best part... spending time with my mom. Life gets so busy and I talk to her about 3-300 times a day but just spending the day in the sewing room with her and my three little girls is so much fun. Gracie loves to go through Oma's fabric stash and pick out her favorites. She found a purse and started loading up goodies to take home. Even though we had lots of toys for Natalie and Hailey to play with they still liked to play with the tape measures, pull fabric from the shelves and get into the baskets of yarn lying around. My mom has a super cool craft room customized by her husband, Ray. I'll tell her to take pictures for another post.

Mom and I also made some cute change purses however Mom learned from my mistakes and hers turned out perfect and mine... let's just say I won't put that one for sale on Etsy...ever! The fusible interfacing got the best of me.

To end our day, Gracie, Natalie, Hailey and I traveled home to find two of the most wonderful men in the world, my husband and son. They had a wonderful trip but were glad to be home. As I tucked my son into bed, I laid there with him asking about his trip. He told me about the Cowboy Museum, the stock yards, Toby Kieth's restaurant, eating too much food and getting sick, and then said, "I really missed you and the girls". He is turning into such a wonderful young man. Oh, I almost forgot Hailey took her first steps this weekend! Super cute with wobbly legs and all. They grow up so fast.

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)